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the part-time job at McDonald’s — by the Way, when McDonald’s work

Published by Groej Eklib on February 13, 2013

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Bauer Bicycles Test
McDonald’s USA and its franchisees entertained today in the annual average of around 64,000 people from 131 countries. As a successfully growing company, with more than 1,400 Restaurants in Germany, we offer comprehensive training programs, safe work places, a wide range of career opportunities and ma?tailored Forderma?took.

From the employees in the Restaurant. on the trainees to Management-employee who is motivated and ambitious, of the many fields of work and development are open to us possibilities. If you are looking for a new challenge in one of the most successful and well-known brand in the world, then apply now at McDonald’s .

you want, no Matter go which way with us: We look forward to a common path to success!

the More organization in the company-Check

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Bauer Bicycles Test

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Bauer Bicycles Test

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Bauer Bicycles Test

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the What is McDonald’s, the company expects its part-time job in Bern?
the is taken to be What are the concrete Work?

At McDonald’s, you work as an employee in the rotation. The hei?t that they can be used at all stations, such as at the cash Desk, in the kitchen, on the Drive, in the Lobby, and even in the McCafe. Thus, it is always taken care of for a change and it comes not a long while.

the What is au?EUA Occur is required?

As you work with us in catering with food and a lot of are guests are in contact, is a neat and clean appearance. McDonald’s provides each employee with a Uniform available.

the What special requirements are required?
to work

at McDonald’s, you should have to do with people and about a distinct service. Au?also, should the flexibility and the au?erordentliches commitment for you to be a self-understood rule of law. If you are an au?erdem is still resilient and ready to use are: the better!

the the importance of work experience is?

Ideally, you have already gained first experience in the restaurant business, this is mandatory.

the What is a typical K. O.-criterion for a long-term cooperation?

Who is teamfahig and use has shows with us in principle is always a Chance.

the What is the part-time Job seekers at McDonald’s?
the what’s the salary?

At McDonald’s, you will be paid in accordance with the collective agreement of the Federal Association of system gastronomy.

the What is the working time models are possible?

At McDonald’s you can, on a €450 Basis. as part — time or full-time force work. In principle, it is worked in shifts and the service to be running to plan in advance.

the How flexible are plan the Service?

Generally speaking, you have the opportunity, prior to creation of the service plan special wishes to au?Ren will be taken into account in the preparation of the service plan.

the What are the social safeguards are there?

the What other extra incentives are offered?

Bauer Bicycles Test
Bauer Bicycles Test

As a successful growing company, we offer safe jobs and good career opportunities, comprehensive training programs and ma?tailored Forderma?. McDonald’s entry for young people a more attractive employer, for each school completion of a suitable profession with a lot of various perspectives.

With the Crew College, for example, offers McDonald’s his Crew and employees a unique training offer. In cooperation with the people’s universities have a Chance to be in a extensive range of courses to participate.

the tips for applying for a part-time job at McDonald’s
the Where to apply, the interested parties?
the How to apply?

you can Apply online for a part-time job under www.mcdonalds.de/jobs with your fruhestm possible entry date. Please e joints of your application, a current resume and a cover Letter as well as a further statement strong documents,B. relevant certificates, work certificates and certificates on individual additional qualifications.

the Who is the contact person?

Should you have specific questions about a Restaurant, the Restaurant Management-disposal.

the Is there a seasonal focus periods?

Depending on the location of the restaurant may vary. In most cases, we are looking for but the whole year of dedicated and motivated employees.

the there is a job on the Internet?

Yes, extensive information on the topic of a career at McDonald’s, see www.mcdonalds.de/jobs .

Description of the article: quick money You’re interested in earning a part-time job at McDonald’s? We have asked for you. Everything you need to know for the part-time job here with us.

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