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the contents insurance – the own four walls protect
the 1. Home insurance – insurance for the living area

the home insurance secured, expensive equipment items, such as, for example, the washing machine or the TV. The insurance will cover, among other things, in the event of theft, fire, or stubborn damage. In addition to expensive Means there is also clothing in the insurance is included. This pays under the moving stuff, and will be replaced in case of loss or damage.

the 2. Home insurance – which place is insured?

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to find the right insurance company for your needs, you can use a home insurance comparison. Home in all home insurance the apartment is in the rule. This is recorded in the insurance policy contract. However, please note that the apartment must completely be inhabited, only used for private purposes may be, and uber must have a minimum fuse. It is also in many Household contents insurance is necessary, that the insured object has a solid roof, or a hard roof. However, household insurance protects not only your personal belongings in the apartment, but also on the balcony or the terrace. For example, the expensive balcony table is damaged in a storm, so the insurance replaces the damage.

the 3. What time is the household contents insurance for the damage pays

The classic case of damage of household contents insurance is for damage to the Line. A burst pipe can destroy the furnishings items completely. In such a case, the insurance takes over the costs for the damage incurred, and also for as a rule, the consequences of cable damage. Furthermore, damage due to Explosion or Implosion are secured. In some cases, it is, for example, that the TV imploded, and thereby destroyed. In General, the financial loss in such a case, gro?. Well the one that has a suitable insurance is advised. In order to get comprehensive protection at a low cost, a home insurance comparison. Fast and free you can find the insurance for your individual needs.

the 4. Home insurance: the sum insured is pay attention

Establishment of consultancy with 25 years of experience . Gruendungsberatung-online.
you Should appreciate the value of your own home Council, so this is the treasure in the rule. This Mobel add up, electrical equipment, and clothing are often to a high sum. Quickly the insurance sum of EUR 30,000 is not enough. So you are of the opinion that your House has a higher insurance value, then you should increase also the sum insured. However, a home contents insurance not only for large?e households. Often the result was cost of damage to be higher than the ruined facility subject to self-worth. So you can in addition to the rationale behind it and transportation costs also can quickly cost Deposit apply. This is the case, for example, when an apartment fire took place.

the 5. Household insurance – cost and Service

When searching for the suitable household contents insurance quickly realized that a home contents insurance comparison unumgang. The services of insurance companies differ in price, with the you can save by comparing year an enormous amount of money. However, you should not lay in the choice of the insurance company only focus on the cost, but also to the Service of the company. In this context, particularly with flexible contracts are recommended. Moreover, you should pay attention to on a daily cancellation option. Also important is the insurance is protection in case of unemployment. In this case, the customer should not be left in the lurch, and the insurance contribution to run free.

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