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32 mystery Gold: people for thousands of years fascinated Why Gold and the Prevailing treatments available?hrt – up to today

38 Interview: Pro-Aurum-Partner Uwe Bergold u?about his gold price target of $ 5000, the cheapest Investment of the planet, and to this day, ongoing manipulation in the gold market

41 Sentiment: Stefan Ri?e u?about the mood of investors due to?about the yellow precious metal

42 Mu?coins, bullion & co.: How do I invest properly in Gold? All the important questions and answers

the money week

control 8: Who builds with investment Fund assets, could soon be strong be charged

8 Borse rating:, The Dax is seen, in the long term, yet gu?inexpensive – as measured by the Shiller p / e

9 automotive industry: Unexpected sales growth in the US compensated the China business

9 real estate: residential owner?mer available?gen u?ber significantly more capital as a tenant

the MoneyMaker

10 Germany:, exports, labour market, household: everything top! Germany defies the China shock. What will the future bring? Plus: Four recommendations

18 TecDax: on Better than the Dax, the TecDax his gro?en brother. Why today’s technology assets are more stable

22 Europe: The traffic lights are on Gru?n: According to the Ru?ckschlagen experts entry-level courses


26 Europe Fund: they are the Trend – Europe-Fund-accumulated in the first half of the year, fu?nf billion euros in fresh money. Why ju?longest correction a buying signal is, and what the Fund can Shine

the money markets

30 Borse world: Dax on the death cross chart technician trepidation. Plus: Gro?he tag in the indices

44 Fund with hedging: in The recovery earn, but corrections can’t go to the Whole with suffering – so it flaps

48 bet on China: Goldman Sachs for advice just now getting started in the realm of the middle – may be worth this if you want to play really?

52 flat share: Easter Kingdom real estate companies are gu?inexpensive and a sought – after acquisition targets

55 sample portfolios: policy of the steady Hand

56 Pfeiffer Vacuum:, The TecDax-the value of training?from ttelte the Crash and has air to the top

58 Kion:, The forklift specialist, is an example of how good EU deals China Einbu?en offset

59 column: Ken Fisher u?about the fact that only realized losses are real losses

60 chart analysis: The Golden section is defined daru?ber on how far the Dax and S&P 500 can


62 Aktienanalye: the German realty market plus a German consumer to the German Euro shop that combines

63 MONEY recommendations: Rightmove, Sixt Leasing, and a Grammer-discounters

the DSW investor protection

64 seminar offensive: information first-Hand thanks to the many DSW-stock events

65 comment: DSW-main geschaftsfu?leader Marc Tu?ngler u?about novel hazards through ETFs

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