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the insurance: free information for collective choice

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the insurance and safety

Depending on the person needs of the many different insurance services. In the choice of focus should be always on the individual requirements, the fall in the case of a stay abroad on the travel insurance. This insurance policy they supported in the case of a disease on the travel and for medical Ma?on took. The travel insurance acts as the statutory or private health insurance in Germany, their services are limited mostly to the domestic market. Insurance for stays abroad and travel should cover costs in addition, any Accident, so that a combination of medical and travel accident insurance can be useful.

the liability and Household contents — insurance for all the event

There are a or other insurance that can be mandatory or very useful. To this end, eminent pays the liability. This insurance regulates claims of third parties, which has inflicted on the policyholder harm. The spectrum ranges from relatively small scenarios to damage, the cost in millions of high cause. The home insurance is also useful and for any damage to Device comes, caused for example by severe weather, theft, or water damage. The insurance can also include bicycles, cash and other valuables in the framework of Police and to replace a particular part.

the insurance for health

health insurance can be so-called supplementary health insurance supplemented. Just for by law, there is Insured a variety of additional services with regard to dental, hospital, or sick pay. These additives benefits can increase the usually a fixed range of legal insurance and co-payments for dentures that reduce hospital accommodation upgrade — for example, by a Two — or single-bed room with a chief physician treatment — as well as the legal sick pay in case of a loss of earnings, multiply. In addition, can include insurance for additional pension benefits.

the insurance for dog and horse

Who doesn’t know to perform a dog or a horse has, that the private liability insurance pays for damage caused by the animal to third parties. This is a separate insurance required that protects the pet owner in case of damage. This insurance is not different in ma?significantly from the personal liability and may have a sum insured in million high. Furthermore, this protection can be supplemented by the so-called pet insurance, which is taken into account, in addition to horses and dogs, also cats. This insurance reduces the equity proportion in the case of a veterinarian treatment and also the cost for maintaining a stationary accommodation of the animal — for example, in the case of an Operation.

the insurance litigation

can’t Even when it comes in relation to a legal dispute to the process, in the run-up to ma?significant costs on the welded damaged. This can prove a legal protection insurance, take care of this to avoid any issues in the event of a dispute. Such insurance is always a good idea and accepts both attorney’s fees — for example, for the initial negotiation — as well as court costs for the process. Often this Service is supplemented by a comprehensive advice, so that the conflict can possible be quickly solved. This insurance shall also standardizes fees for any experts or witnesses, which the court ordered. Thus, the legal protection insurance to complete your individual insurance apparatus. With TopTarif to know more Details on the topic of how policies can usefully be supplemented.

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