Blood donors save the lives of people


the donate blood — to help Others and earn money

Through the donations of blood are not you pay your rent kocan, but a little pocket money in it. Außerdem they know with certainty that you are in good health — And an incredibly good person.

the Why become a blood donor?

Very many people are due of diseases on a regular basis-ßige blood donations. In the case of operations or fur the accident victim gro&szlig will also be required;e quantities of blood beno. You kocan therefore even in the situation that you are in need of a blood donation. Blood donors are mostly people who want their people to do something Good mo. Fur some a zusäuseful incentive in the financial expense resolutions-sorry, the government-municipal or independent&dependent institutions, blood donor is paid.

the What can you earn as a blood donor?
the Who can donate blood?

In Germany you must be a blood donor at least 18, and hoand a maximum of 68 years old. In the case of the first donation, he did not -should, however, be older than 60 years. The blood donor must be at least 50 kg and must not be naturlich sick. Who belongs to a risk group geho, is excluded as a donor: Drogenabhängige, gay Männer (lesbian women d-may but donations), people with h-frequently changing sexual partners or donors with at-risk persons in the family. Pregnant or lactating Mutter are excluded as blood donors.

also of the blood donors, whose Kothe body temperature is too high (signs of fur an infection), the drunk in the last 12 hours of alcohol, or in the last 4 weeks drugs. Großere operations will have a minimum of a year and a half, and Piercings, or T-towierungen for at least 5 months to-ckliegen.

the h&donations-step, should pay attention to a healthy diet-the design, in order to build up the blood quickly. Most of the healthy blood donors after a donation, no problems. And kocan, slight circulatory problems occur. If you have before and after the donation, eaten enough, and above all things drunk, but sp-the latest after a quarter of an hour -passed. The Gefuhl to be a life-saver, the blood donor but a lifetime.

the How to verläuft, a blood donation?

A blood donor must be zunächst register and its Identität guvalid identification papers to prove. He will then need to fill in an extensive medical questionnaire ausfu. Before the «medical investigation of her H-hemoglobin value. This is too low d-may not donate to your own safety. The «medical examination.

The doctor will decide if you may, the blood donor d-or not. The «medical examination is naturlich for free. If this investigation shows that any diseases are found, they can be informed, so you can take Gegenma comments ko. The investigation -passed, you will be removed the first Time the blood. 500 ml will be tapped. The first blood sample is tested for diseases. Everything is fine, then you will receive within 4-5 weeks, your blood donor card. Usually a blood donor will be offered after the donation, a small Snack. Thus, the Schwindelgefuhl ged-to be wanting, that may occur after a donation.

the How often can you donate blood?

Between donations should be at least 2, better 3 months. Männer d-may per year, 6 times the whole blood donation, a woman only 4 times.

whole blood is wanted in Germany urgently. Especially rare blood groups are in demand. Since the Bevopopulation always -is a lter, is increasing the need for blood in a großeren Maße than the number of new blood donors.

Far to urgent, however, is the need for blood plasma. Blood donors kocan per year to donate about 25 liters of Plasma. Between the individual plasma donations by a distance of at least a week.

The blood donor, blood is taken, which is decomposed by a medical Gerät in its components. The Plasma behält, the blood donation service, and other ingredients are the blood donors-ckgegeben.

another type of blood donation is the so-called platelet donation. Platelets do not have a very long shelf life (5 days). -similar to the case of a plasma donation from the donor, blood is taken, and this is broken down into its components. Platelets can donate a blood donor every 14 days. The whole blood donation can on the side be still further carried outuhrt. Important platelets are mainly in the treatment of patients with Leukämie, cancer, liver transplants, or very large operations.

the Can you infect the blood donation?

no. Fur the blood sampling is used Cutlery. Infection is excluded. If you have any further questions about blood donation, you have to go to the sites of the DRC. Under www.drk-blutspende.de you will be the subject of ausfudangerous

Description of the article: blood plasma donation blood donor kocan you earn with little effort, a little pocket money. To have the good Gefuhl, something fur other people is done for free.

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